In December 2002 I created this installation at Rutgers University within the workroom of the Mason Gross Gallery. I transformed a neglected room within the gallery ‚ outfitted with a sink and refrigerator, but otherwise a thoroughly un-homey space ‚ into a vibrant and comfortable social space. For two weeks, I baked cookies in ìThe Kitchenî in the afternoons and invited students, staff, faculty, and gallery visitors to sign up for 15 minute slots to come for cookies and milk and conversation. Visitors to the Kitchen were welcomed by me, offered milk, and introduced to other guests. While waiting for the cookies to bake, they spent time with the other people there, who were often an unusual cross-section of the schoolís population ‚ faculty, undergraduates, graduate students, office staff, and administration. Before they left, I took each visitorís photo and added it to the accumulation of photos of previous visitors on the fridge.